Routine Activity Theory Research Paper

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SOC 246 Assignment

Crime refers to any act that deviant from cultural norms and that contravenes the criminal law. Victims of crime may be any gender, age. Race or ethnicity. Victimization may happen to an individual, family, group or community and a crime maybe to a person, or property. The impact of crime on an individual victim, their loved ones, and their community depend on a variety of factors but often crime victimization has significant emotional, psychological, physical, financial and social consequences. This paper aims to relate the advices provided by University of Botswana Security Services regarding victimization and crime prevention with Routine Activity Theory. As stated above crime is any act and the rate of crime in the university is increasing which drove the security services to formulate way to prevent and try curb victimization in campus. This paper is therefor going to establish whether the tips provided are in line with elements of routine activity theory.

Routine activity theory examines crime as events occurring at specific locations in space and time, involving specific persons and objects. This theory offers a framework to determine what conditions generate opportunities for
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Motivated offender refers to an individual or group of people who are willing to offend. (Carole Gibbs, 2013) Likely offender is anyone with the motive to commit a crime and with the capacity to do so, most likely to be a young man, without stable employment, who has failed in school. Having explained what a motivated offender is according to the routine activity theory I could say that yes from the advices given by protection services there is evidence of the institution trying to merge the gap and prevent the existence of a motivated offender in the school. This is shown in the appendix by many tips
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