Victimization In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Victimization is the act of showing cruel and unfair treatment to a person. There are many different ways people can show the act of victimizing a person by physical, emotional, and even verbally. In this case four women being verbally by the men that controlled them in the plays. In Hamlet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream the women were very much treatment unfairly from the way they were talked to, and the duties they had which was all chosen by men for them live their life. But despite having the same characteristic as being victimized the four women Ophelia, Gertrude, Hermia, and Hermia have different life styles that contradict how the others live as women in the society. William Shakespeare presents victimization and submission through the…show more content…
But despite being the queen Gertrude is a woman of a lot of ideas, and greed she is all about having power, although she can’t openly portray and play out those ideas because of the men in the society have all the authority. Gertrude is an example of a women in this society who can be high I power but will never reach the height of a man. The difference between “seems” and “is” for Gertrude are a “mirrored distortion of her regal insecurities” (Blooms 106). She is a Queen but her status of being a queen doesn’t stop her emotionally features of being oppressed and ignored as a person. Gertrude unveils her characteristic of greed with her marriage the brother of her ex-husband who dies so that she could remain the queen of Demark, but after becoming queen she is still ignored as an important person in society. Despite Gertrude being a queen she is living in a patriarchic society when she is left unheard because of her gender. Throughout Hamlet the play demonstrates Gertrude’s invisibility and lack of self throughout the play which describes how she had a freedom and individuality to think for herself but her voice still not matter to the men n the society because they have the most
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