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Introduction School Bullying has been a worldwide problem for the past few years. This could lead to negative consequences for future generations. Bullying is repeated aggression which includes harmful behavior such as hitting, kicking and name- calling (Smith, 1991, as cited in Bowers, Smith & Binney, 1994). While Olweus (1996) thinks (as cited in Yang & Salmivalli, 2013) bullying is the action when one or more persons intimidate other powerless individual. Yang and Salmivalli (2013) talked about the forms of bullying among the bully-victims in the present time, while Bowers, Smith and Benney (1994) were interested in the links between family system as background of bullying in school. The objective of this essay is to review the similarities and differences between Bully- Victims and Family Relationship on two…show more content…
Bully- victims tend to lack of friendship and highly rejected which makes Yang and Samivalli hypotized that bully victims are more likely to engage in physical and verbal forms of bullying than pure bullies. Besides that, bully victims are more involve in victimization than pure victims. In this research,the target sample is 26, 420 participants but in fact, they only collected 19,869 participants from 196 Finnish schools. 9,776 individuals were boys and 9,557 individuals were girls. First, the participants have to report the information about themselves such as age, grade and gender. After that they have to complete Olweus’ bully/ victim questionnaire in their schools’ computer labs. The test itself were provided by researcher and supervised by the teachers. The student have to answer about what is the meaning of bullying and how often bullying

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