Victimization Of Women In Charles Dickens Literature Analysis

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Introduction One important theme in Dickens novel is victimization of women in Victorian society. The relationship between victims – victimizers begin with the birth of human beings. All relations in human societies are based on the power structure of the society. The individuals who are more powerful victimize the powerless tyrannically. The victimizer can be an institution, society 's rules or person, beliefs, and conditions. The powerful neglects the human values and exploits the victim excessively. The victimizer can survive but the victim is oppressed and is forced to be silent. Thus, the life of the victim turns to a permanent inferno with lots of pain, disasters, and torments. Female 's victims acquired a significant place in Charles Dickens novels. The female victims are important parts of Dickens 's concerns for women of his time. Dickens as a moralist, comments on female oppression of his time in hope of improvement. Women were victimized by the Victorian society and its male centre rules. Hill argued "the nineteenth-century social systems, like the economic, political, and legal system was founded on male dominance and control. Legislators, police officers, judges, prosecutors, and jurors all were exclusively male, and male-only suffrage withheld from women the possibility of contributing to the legal process on even the most basic level"(113). Thus, if they have repudiated the old social values they are repudiated by the society. During the Victorian era

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