Victims Of Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking has been a major global issue since the 1400s, from ancient Greek to the romans and up until now. Every year thousands of humans have been taken from their countries and shipped to another country. Humans have been kidnapped from their own countries and smuggled across international borders. The way traffickers get humans to agree to trafficking is, the use of violence, threats, deception, debt bondage and other manipulative tactics. They take and sale these people for either sexual purposes, forced labor for little to no pay, forced marriage, organs or tissues, commercial sexual exploitation, and etc.. Majority of the times they`re trafficked for forced labor, mines, factories, quarries, and fishing industries. Victims are…show more content…
Men, women, and children are exported across the border every minute. It is often done through underground secret networks. Most victims are women and girls. Traffickers target women and younger more than they do men and boys because they`re discriminated the most so they know they will be seeking employment and they prey on women`s vulnerability. They make false promises to these women and girls saying they`ll have decent working conditions and fair pay. Traffickers offer them abroad jobs like, dancers, waitresses, and nannies, only to find out that none of it was true. According to The International Labor Organization “over 20.9 million humans are victims of human trafficking globally.” Human trafficking has been one of the most profitable illegal activities in the world and is the fastest way for criminals to make money. Countries like Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, Honduras, and China are the highest ranked for recruiting people to human trafficking. Then they`re shipped to countries like Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, the United States and Canada. Most victims of human Trafficking are captured in their own…show more content…
Russian offenders have been arrested In America for human trafficking and Russian traffickers have been spread to China also. People from other countries have come to Russia to become a part of the human trafficking system. The people who were most affected by the trafficking were women and children. The economic situation that’s going in Russia makes it hard for women to get jobs and provide for them and their families. It puts them and their children at high risk for human trafficking. Those who are disabled and elderly are also subjected to trafficking. People who live in poverty are also vulnerable to trafficking. A person who lives in abject poverty, will take any opportunity they can to make money. Women in Russia have been trafficked to many parts of Western Europe and North America for sexual slavery and brides from wealthy Western men. A lot of countries like Asia, Cambodia, China, and Thailand use Russia`s federation transit to do human trafficking. Poor parts in Asia and nations within the commonwealth of independent states traffic people to
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