Victims Of The Holocaust In Elie Wiesel's Night

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Elie Wiesel, author and victim of the Holocaust wrote the novel Night which portrays his experiences in the Holocaust. During the Holocaust the Nazis dehumanized many groups of people, but primarily the Jewish people. Elie writes about his personal journey through the Holocaust, and how he narrowly escaped death. In Elie’s novel he also provides detailed descriptions of what the victims of the Holocaust had to suffer through, and the different ways the Nazis made them feel like nothing more than animals that are meant to be used for work and slaughtered.

One of the first things that Elie and the other Jewish people from his village have to suffer through is riding in a cramped cattle car, as if they were animals. Elie and roughly around another 79 people were shoved into
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The Red army started advancing quickly towards Buna, and the Jews must evacuate. Elie and the other Jews then march through extremely frigid weather, and the SS officers expected them not to stop until they were told. They practically run, and if they stumbled or stopped, they either got shot or trampled. Elie did an excellent job at elaborating on the horribleness of it all, he explained, “I don’t think he was finished off by an SS, for nobody had noticed. He must have died, trampled under the feet of the thousands of men who followed us.” The Nazi officers wanted the Jewish men to march like they were animals, and to not stop until they deemed fit. The Jewish were also marching in freezing weather, and had no food or drink while they were marching. They were expected to be like machines, and if they failed as machines, they were simply finished off by the SS. Elie described, “When the SS were tired, they were replaced. But no one replaced us. Chilled to the bone, our throats were parched, famished, out of breath, we pressed
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