Victor And Frankenstein Comparison Essay

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The Similarities between the monster and Victor In the book Frankenstein wrote by Mary Shelley Victor creates the monster in hopes that he could make new life. He believes that he could make life out of death and he tries to prove that with his creation. In her book Victor, the creator and the Monster, the creation has a lot of similarities and a lot of differences. In this story you see how the Monster grows in his learning abilities and how Victors creation is not such a good thing. As the story goes on Victor and the Monster become more similar. In some ways they become very different and in most ways they become more similar. At the begging of the story they differ in so many ways from the monster wanting to help people like the girl…show more content…
When Victor felt abandoned by his creator so to speak and how the monster is abandoned by Victor. They both feel as if they are all alone when trying to find their own identity’s. While Victor is searching for his fame away from his loved one Elizabeth and when the monster is all alone with no guidance to this outside world he has never seen. As the story goes on Victor and the monster become more similar. They have their differences but they love to learn and become more smart about where they are and the world. Victor does by creating a new life form while the creature finds himself reading books like Paradise Lost. Both of these characters can both be go getters throughout the story. In the story they both want revenge Victor destroys the female companion he was making for the monster, the monster was furious that he destroyed her. The monster wanted Victor to know the feeling of being lonesome. At the end of the story they are alike because they are both alone after the monster kills Elizabeth on the night of her and Victors wedding. The monster wants a family like Victor has and like the DeLacey family. They both are very smart when the monster learned from the DeLacey family how to talk read by watching them through the window. Victor is smart in science and both of them go to nature to find answers and to find their
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