Victor As A Hero In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley is a well known story about a scientist who creates a monster that then turns on the town and him. The story is quite harsh, with death and back stabs happening frequently. However, it has a good story all in all. A common question that is asked, is who’s the hero? Obviously the hero would have to be Victor, the scientist. Even though he may not have all the qualities a regular hero has, he certainly has more than a monster who murders others for his own pleasure. Victor follows a lot of the classical hero traits. For example, he dies in the end, he has a battle against something, he ventures on an emotional quest, and he has a strong ability which is his unnatural intelligence. In the end of this classic…show more content…
If Victor didn’t have the mental capacity that he did, the creature would not have been created because Victor clearly wanted to make the creature for good and his scientifical deeds. Additionally, Victor’s intelligence is shown through his advanced thinking of problems. A normal person would’ve went along with the creatures demands for a wife, however Victor thought about the town more than what he wanted, and an average person would not have been able to conjure this decision. Along with this, Victor makes his way through an emotional quest relating to the creature. At first, Victor is happy that he created the creature and that he could continue his quest to get rid of diseases in his black plague ridden town. However, when he sees the creature face to face he notices the monstrosity that he had created and his rapidly overcome with fear and runs away. He is then overcome with determination as he is working on other scientific projects. Once he hears of Williams death, he is then overcome with sadness. Finally, he periodically switches between anger and sadness as he meets the creature, learns of his wish, and when he discovers the creature murdered Elizabeth. Obviously, Victor is the hero because how could a creature who murders innocent people possibly be the
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