Victor Blame The Monster In Frankenstein

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Blame is assigned to those at fault: It’s easy to just blame the monster for all of the destruction. But it was because of Victor abandoning his creation and running away from his problems what caused the once good and benevolent monster to become vile. Victor was the one who created the monster, his aspirations and thirst for knowledge caused him to make the creation. He was very eccentric, he worked so hard on his creation and became ill and mad. When it didn’t turn out like he had hoped he just ran away. He was “unable to endure the aspect of the being [he] had created, [He] rushed out of the room” (Shelley 41). He was relieved when the monster had left but he would soon discover that his quest had become his curse. The monster is free from blame because he was ultimately evil because victor, his own…show more content…
Although it comes back to Victor’s fault that the monster murdered the people to create the same desolation that the monster felt. The monster wouldn’t have been so lonely if victor didn’t abandoned him. Although it was right for Victor to not make a mate for the monster. It was sinister and the right thing after the anguish he suffered and the destruction his first creation caused. The monster may have murdered the people but its ironic because Victor was trying to kill him. The monster points out that “you accuse me of murder, and yet you would, with a satisfied conscience, destroy your own creature” (Shelley 88). It’s easy to blame the monster for all of this, and it may look like that on the outside because he actually murdered the people but Victor has equal responsibility. Victor his creator abandoned him and left him alone in the world. The melancholy and lonely monster realized “ he too can create desolation” (Shelley 132) toward Victor. IF Victor would have faced his consequences instead of running away from his problem this wouldn’t have
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