Victor Campbell Hero

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A hero to be remembered
“Go get some ice cream Vic” the captain playfully mocked. Victor Campbell went to the utility freezer and grabbed a tub of ice cream. On his way back up the long, tall stairs on the port side of the ship he heard a loud noise, seeming to be an attack on the aircraft carrier. When he got to the deck the body was already gone. An enemy ship had seen them and fired multiple shots, it was surprising that the ship wasn’t sinking or damaged in a way bad enough to cripple the ship. A crew member and friend of his was killed by a flying projectile. He died within 2 minutes. Victor Campbell is a lighthearted, kind, strong hero that I am proud to call my grandfather. My great-grandfather, Victor Campbell was only 17 when WWII started. He had just graduated high school and
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He is now 90 years old and still mows his lawn every day and plays with my younger cousins. He takes walks everyday and on occasion goes for a bike ride. I have learned many lessons from him. For example he has taught me that if you want to do something, no matter what it is, you should do it while you still can because one day you will wake up and never be able to do it again. He has showed me that even though things are challenging and very tough, you have to persevere because there is always something better down the road. In 2015 he went to a WWII ceremony in Washington D.C. When he went to this ceremony they awarded him with one final metal. The small town he lived in had banners with his name on them soaring high above the street. There was a picture of him when he enlisted in the military on a street light. My great-grandfather was not only handed a medal but also a large bag of letters that our entire family sent to him, just like when he was serving in the
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