Victor Frankenstein As The Monster In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Frankenstein is not the monster, but his creator Victor Frankenstein is the monster, of Mary Shelley`s version of Frankenstein. While Frankenstein is a monster by definition, this could have been changed if Frankenstein had any idea of what he was doing, but due to the lack of care on the part of Victor Frankenstein he didn’t. Along with the neglect Frankenstein was not taught how to interact with humans or how to behave in general. This was due to Victor Frankenstein did not teach Frankenstein good character or take responsibility for Frankenstein’s actions. Also Victor`s lack of sympathy towards his creation victims was absent. But even before that Victor did not stop to think of what could be the potentially outcomes of making Frankenstein. Isolation. For some people it can be good, but for people like Victor Frankenstein is shows how much more of a monster he is. Instead of listening to his pleading parents, Victor isolated himself causing great distress to some of the people he loved the most for his work. While his drive for his work was one of the few good things about him, because of the way he left it him engulf…show more content…
While he knew what he needed to do to bring back life he forgot what he had to do to make it a success. He complete ignored problems at the hand of his creation when they did arise. He never trained Frankenstein so that it could know what to do and what not to do. Along with that his leaving the creature to fend for its own left it with an empty gap of how to interact with humans and other things along that line. Then when he could have said ok this is my problem I need to fix he didn’t and let the problem spiral out of control. That is a huge part of him being the true monster of the book. His ignorance to say I messed up I need to fix this. It was because of his fear that people would be angry with him or turn his hypocrite speeches against him that lead him to no fix the problems that only he could

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