Victor Frankenstein Chapter 1 Summary

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January 5 2018

In Chapter one, the author, Victor Frankenstein, begins to write about the recollections of his past including the background of his parents, relatives, and friends. His father was a respectable man and was an intimate friend of Beaufort, formerly a successful merchant who fell to poverty causing himself and his daughter, Caroline Beaufort, to retreat to town of Lucerne. After 10 months living in wretch, Beaufort died in Caroline’s arms. Victor’s father then committed to take care of Caroline and 2 years later made her his wife. Victor then explained how Elizabeth entered his family and played an important role in his happy childhood. Elizabeth, a nice and adorable girl, is Victor’s cousin from the child of Victor’s father’s deceased sister who got adopted into Victor’s family. Having brothers that are way younger than him, Victor had to find a friend to substitute, and that friend is Henry Clerval (son of merchant of Geneva). They both had a really close friendship. Victor described vividly how joyful and free his youth was.
As he grew older, he read a book by Cornelius Agrippa and became deeply interested in natural philosophy that enforced his liking in that area of science. He also loved to study old findings by Paracelsus and Albertus Magnus and wished to share his findings to his father had his father not criticized Victor for reading Cornelius Agrippa’s book as “sad trash”. He then talked to Elizabeth about his knowledge on
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