Victor Frankenstein Monster Analysis

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Victor Frankenstein is a wealthy scientist who seeks to create new life. Through the use of severed body parts and Galvanism he creates a new being and is immediately repulsed by his own creation. He quickly abandons this monster leading him to much trouble in the future

When Frankenstein's monster learns of his creators abuse, he quickly becomes angered with his own existence and the actions of his creator. The monster begins to take out his vengeance upon humans that he encounters. But the responsibility rests within his creator.

Victor is quick to point fingers upon his creation, and is hesitant to realize that he is inherently responsible for the deaths his creation has caused. He bears more responsibility than the monster due to the fact that he abandoned his creation without giving any thoughts to the consequences. When he left his creation to fend for himself, it faced great adversity due to its outwardly appearance and lack of social skills. This abandonment caused him to grow resentful and violent. After the monster is abandoned for a second time he proclaims “I declared everlasting war against the species and more than all, against him who had formed me” (Shelley 121) and says “my feelings were those of rage and revenge.” (Shelley 121)
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He never was able to understand that his constant outrages and feelings of anger were socially unacceptable, as were the killings that resulted from his anger. The monster continued to have flagrant disregard for the murders that he was prone to. “My daily voes rose for revenge - a deep and deadly revenge, such as would alone compensate for the outrages and anguish I had endured.’ (Shelley 126). While Frankenstein perpetuates that his grotesque creation is the real monster, he fails to realize it was his own doing, until he is unable to thwart the guilt and penance he beings to
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