Victor Frankenstein Playing God Analysis

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Is Victor the Ruling God? One does not simply “play God” in this world, that role is more than just a dress up and act thing. Many people say that Victor in the novel Frankenstein tries to “play God” which is absolutely true. As the novel progresses the characteristics of the creator “playing God” become more obvious to the eye of the reader. Victor “plays the Lord” when he creates the creature, when he decides what to do with the orders of the creature, and when the monster creates the connection when reading the book Paradise Lost. Frankenstein’s creature is brought to life by Victor Frankenstein. When the monster comes to life, it does not know anything or anyone, he suffers a whole lot since he is not like any human being. Nowadays the belief system for a countless amount of people is that the only person who can create a person or anything is God. When Dr. Frankenstein creates a creature out of parts of deceased humans that he congregated from “graves…charnel-houses” (Shelley 21-22) an abundant amount of people view it in…show more content…
Since when he reads the novel Paradise Lost he makes the connection. He says “I ought to be thy Adam” (Shelley 45) and that he is seeking a female companion, Eve, and that his God, Victor does not grant him “[an] Eve [that soothes his] sorrows… [he] was alone” (Shelley 61). Victor is God to the creature, because “I remembered Adam’s supplication to his Creator. But where was mine? He had abandoned me” (Shelley 61). God is who gives the orders and creates life, and that is exactly what Dr. Frankenstein does in Frankenstein. Paradise Lost, the Adam and Eve story falls ideally with the novel since Adam is the first human alive and the creature is the first monster brought to life with dead human parts. Eve is the first female human alive in Paradise Lost. The creature wants his “God”, Victor Frankenstein, to create him an ‘Eve’ nevertheless his “God” nixes to do
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