Victor Frankenstein Quotes Analysis

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In order to further understand the person who is Victor Frankenstein, we will analyze two specific quotes in which he ponders the consequences of creating his monster.
The first specific quote that shows Dr. Frankenstein pondering the consequences of his actions is when he states, “but now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust fill my heart.” When Victor is initially building his creation, all he thinks of is the great science behind his work. However, he never once thinks of the consequences he may face once his creation becomes a reality. This lack of complete thinking is what leads to the “beauty of the dream vanishing” for Victor Frankenstein. The instant his creation comes to life,
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It is clear that Dr. Frankenstein is in a regretful mindset when he states, “I suffered living torture.” Meaning that he knew it was never Justine who killed William. However, he would never be able to speak up because he is fearful that he will be perceived as mad by his family and by the public. This was just one of the consequences that Frankenstein has to face due to his creation. Frankenstein also recognizes the fact that it is ultimately his own fault that William has died and that Justine will be wrongly sentenced for his death. Thus the reason he states that the trial is a “wretched mockery of justice.” The death of both William and Justine then lie on Victor Frankenstein’s shoulders. It is tragedies like William’s murder, Justine’s execution, and Elizabeth’s murder that force Victor Frankenstein to ponder the consequences of creating his monster. When Frankenstein has to face these consequences, we can see that he becomes a remorseful and miserable
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