Personal Response To Frankenstein

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Novel Response
Albert Aning

1. Explain a character 's problem and then offer your character advice on how to solve his/her problem. According to chapter three of the novel, Victor dedicated himself to his academics. He was learning anything he could about chemistry. He was academically good and gained a higher status as a scientist and an innovator among his fellow students and professors. Victor then enters into a new level of science thus creating life from death and restoring life to a dead body. He was so preoccupied with his experiment that he hid from the world. His problem was the obsession of creating life. My advice is, there is nothing wrong in trying to work in private. But his obsession over
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According to the novel, Victor describes his father as someone who has served several public situations with distinction and great reputation. He passed his younger days constantly being occupied by the affairs of his county and also persisting tirelessly to his public business. Alphonse Frankenstein was also respected by all for his quality honest and having strong principles. Furthermore, he was very sympathetic toward his son in a moment of pain and he always encourages his son, Victor, to remember the importance of family. This exemplary behavior would make Alphonse Frankenstein a great…show more content…
Having these characteristics will help me develop some qualities. I would be able to avoid more distractions: I would be able to be more focused on by dreams and be more ingrained. Furthermore, Victor’s character would enable me to overcome the odds and help me gain a highly developed sense of who I am: this will be a great source of motivation and also prevent me from really getting affected by being unappreciated or understood. According to the novel, Victor had and ambition of creating life. His ambition seemed impossible but with persistence and hard work he was able to create life. This further explains that nothing good comes easy but with hard work and persistence one would be able to achieve any
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