Victor Frankenstein Response To Society

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Victor Frankenstein could have helped the creature form to be accepted by society. Within the first moments of the creatures “rebirth”, Victor could have acted in various other ways that would have impacted the creature’s initial response to human contact. Throughout the entire story, Victor could have aided the creature’s actions to allow him to acclimate to this new life style. Some examples of actions he could have taken are not running away from the creature, acting as a teacher or father figure to the confused creature, and teaching him ethics and self-control. The smallest acts of different attitudes can affect the outcome of any beings transition into society. When Victor brings the creature to life, his initial response is to run away from his hideous creation. He then locks him in the attic and decides to ignore the situation. The creature eventually leaves the attic in search of his creator and finds Victor in his bed. Victor awakens to the frightful sight and flees as quickly as possible. This was the creature’s first experience with human contact and obviously did not leave a good first impression. Instead of this situation, Victor can own up to what he has done, and he can face the consequences of his actions. In this case, the consequences are…show more content…
Throughout the story, the creature wants many things, but he does not necessarily know the proper way to access the situation and act according. Victor can teach the creature a correct way and a wrong way to handle problems so the creature can then begin to develop his own strategies. Self-control is another key step to entering the creature into society as the creature can be impatient about his condition. Teaching the creature that good things will come to those who wait could allow the creature to understand that his acceptance by others will not come
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