Victor Frankenstein Selfish Quotes

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In Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Victor is fascinated by the creation and decay of life and is relentless to create him one, but turns out to be a horrifying nightmare by bringing a monster into the world. One's desire can be so great that it blinds people from the things in life they truly care about, but would not know till it is gone. Victor Frankenstein goes from an arrogant man who only thinks about his only desires to a guilt ridden man who wants to protect others after his mistake killed innocent people. Victor Frankenstein is an arrogant man who only thinks about his only desires and does not care about what people says. Since he is spoiled by his family by giving him gifts like Elizabeth “as his- his to protect, love, and cherish” (30). Even though the quote was a joke,…show more content…
When the monster he made “grasped his brother's throat to silence him, and in a moment he lay dead” at the monster's feet (171). Having his own creation kill his own brother because of its anger towards him will make any person feel guilty, since it was him who created it. This led to Justine, who is innocent and accused of William’s murder, being executed. Not only his brother died, but because of his selfishness, another innocent person died from Victor’s choice. Anyone with this event happening to them will feel the guilt from a bad decision. This led Victor to “gain some clue by which he might trace the steps, of his fiendish enemy” (249). After finding out that all the people’s death was because of his creation, Victor found it in himself to kill it. If the monster is dead, Victor does not need to worry about it killing nor affecting anyone anymore. With all those deaths, the only thing a person can do to get rid of the feeling of guilt is to kill whoever is responsible for those deaths. In summary, it was Victor’s fault that all those innocent people died and it led to him feeling
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