Victor Frankenstein Two Brothers Character Analysis

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The bond between brothers is strong, but the passion for greatness is stronger. Victor Frankenstein and his twin brother Konrad are identical in appearance, the only difference is their personality. Konrad is a sweet and caring person who is loved by all and is a role model for his younger brothers. Victor, on the other hand, is stubborn, hostile and jealous of his brother's good fortune. After stumbling upon a secret library, Konrad suddenly becomes ill and Victor is determined to use the library’s contents to save his brother and become the hero he has always wanted to be. Victor, was determined to save his brother, but he did not have good intentions in doing so. Victor Frankenstein does not have good intentions because he is mischievous, eager to be the centre of attention and selfish ; however, Victor cares so deeply for his brother that he would do the impossible…show more content…
Victor is always outshone by his brother and he wishes to be the centre of attention. Victor wants to be the star of the show, when Victor decides to stand on the balustrade he gets the attention he always wants, but when he slips off and falls, his brother quickly becomes the hero who gets all of the attention (This Dark Endeavour, 3). Victor adores Elizabeth, but his feelings are not returned, again Victor is beaten by Konrad to be the centre of attention when it comes to her love. Victor does all he can for attention, he consults Henry to write beautiful poems of love so that he might get her attention and become the only one she sees, but he is still beaten by his brothers way with words and affection. Victor makes elixirs and potions recommended by Polidori, and they garner much attention from his friends due to their fantastic properties, but when Victor’s elixir is put down by his brother, his pride is hurt. Victor’s need to be the centre of attention and his need to be better than his brother prove that he did not have good
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