Victor Frankenstein's Lack Of Knowledge

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Jane DiGennaro
Mr. Arcuri
Senior English

There was a time in our history when we relied on science. We needed science to reassure us on every matter. People preferred to ignore the subliming side of nature; this was called the Age of Enlightenment. This was an age based off of growth. The growth in science overwhelmed people’s minds and erased traditional teachings. This came from well educated individuals who needed a logical explanation for how things worked. Frankenstein became obsessed with this idea. He wanted a scientific explanation for life. He wanted to create life. He became so consumed with the lust from it all. Victor Frankenstein is well gifted in the realm of knowledge. Victor’s quest for the secret of life and over all, ultimate knowledge drives him to his downfall. Victor sacrifices the comfort of
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This shows the reader that Victor Frankenstein 's tragic flaw is centered within his thirst for knowledge beyond what anyone else has accomplished and also his hubristic nature in trying to take on nature 's role in life.…show more content…
Frankenstein spent most of his life creating life. It’s ironic that he wasted years of his life creating this thing he would hide from. He wasted his life creating another life. “Victor’s methods finally create life, but not the way he planned- his vision of a race of supermen shatters when he sees the ragtag, angry creature he has created, and he immediately disowns the creature” (Monster or Misunderstood). Victor expected his creation to be this beautiful being that would because somewhat of a hero figure. But when it was born, if mind was cleared, and he had realized what he had done. He had created a monster and had to disown it. He didn’t want anything to do with it because he felt ashamed that he created such a
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