Man's Search For Meaning By Victor Frankl

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Victor Frankl’s “Man’s search for meaning” evaluation The book “Man’s search for meaning” was published in 1946. While reading the book one might notice that its main purpose is to show people some methods to discover a sense of the meaning in the life. The book is written as an autobiography by a psychiatrist named Viktor Frankl. He illustrates a lot of personal examples from the times he was a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp in order to help people find their meaning of the life. The author starts writing his book with describing the terrible atmosphere and fatal conditions in the prison and continues writing people’s reactions on all of it. Frankl depicts all his and other prisoners’ suffering in details in order to show readers how people behave and what they think when encountering with such abuse. He wants us to understand minds of every common and unknown prisoner. And he manages to do it! Viktor Frankl identifies three main phases for a typical prisoner. Those are after the admission…show more content…
On the contrary, he provides several examples of people who lose the hope of finding the meaning in the suffering and die as a consequence. The fear of unknown becomes the biggest psychological stress of prisoners. They are not provided with the dates of their relief, they do not know the duration of their abuse and its brutality. People who are incapable of determining the end of their circumstances are also unable to detect their main goals of the life. Victor Frankl compares this state of the prisoners with the state of unemployed workers becoming depressed with their life situation and constraining the ability to get a job even further. Providing such comparison the author elucidates us the situation in the prison which is hard to understand without experiencing
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