Victoria Claflin's Woman Suffrage

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Victoria was the public face of three social movements (woman suffrage, free love and Spiritualism), the owner of a brokerage firm, and the publisher of a radical weekly newsletter with her sister (p. 1-3) her radical views, charismatic personality, and unorthodox personal life resulted in demonization by a scandal-hungry popular press and persecution by morals crusader, Anthony Comstock
Woodhull was not mentioned at all when Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony compiled History of Woman Suffrage, a book recounting their tales as feminists during the suffrage movement, which was put into place by Woodhull (p. 4)
Victoria Claflin was born on September 23, 1838 in a wooden shack overlooking a small town hidden in the hills and fields of
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29) moved to a house in New York with Blood and her two children, her parents, sister Tennie, numerous other siblings and their families, and her former husband, Canning Woodhull (he was ill); all of these people cycled in and out of the home (p. 32)
January 22, 1870, Woodhull, Claflin &Co. was the first Wall Street brokerage firm owned by women (opened by Victoria and her sister) (p. 42) their opening was put down and the sisters were often represented in demeaning and sexual ways by the media (p.49) constantly tried to support her child and husband, as a seamstress, then actress, then possibly a prostitute (p. 65-66) first woman to address a congressional committee (talked about women’s suffrage) (p. 68-70)
In January 1871 The National Women’s Suffrage Association (NWSA) was holding a convention in Washington in an attempt to gain the attention of Congress, only to find that they had been upstaged. Susan B. Anthony and Isabella Beecher Hooker hastened to meet this independent and still virtually unknown woman and attended the January 11 hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, which would be the first of Woodhull’s many public speeches. Woodhull was invited to repeat her speech at the NWSA convention that evening, and her “New Departure” seemed to provide the stagnating cause with a fresh vitality
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