Victoria Farus: A Short Story

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Victoria Farus lived an average life, or so she thought. In reality, she had never known of any hardships or what it was like to hear the word ‘no.’ She lived in a gargantuan mansion in rural Livermore with her parents, Linus Farus and Isabella Farus, who worked as a nurse and a neurologist at a nearby hospital. They were unbelievably wealthy, but not only because of Linus and Isabella’s occupations; Linus had inherited quite a sum of money when his grandfather passed away. Despite this, she was an extremely resourceful and kind girl, well-liked by her peers and teachers and everyone else who knew her. Victoria was the type of person that made jaws drop when she walked in a room; long, flowing, auburn hair draped her symmetrical face, with glowing green eyes and a petite nose with freckles scattered across it in the center. She was the type of beautiful that was effortless but turned heads nonetheless. The Faruses were very close since Victoria was…show more content…
She had never realized how much effort organizing a funeral entailed. After the initial shock of losing her mom and dad so swiftly and the endless amount of tears had been shed, Victoria recognized that she had lost sight of her life. Her teachers had been sympathetic and given her extra time for that week’s assignments and her friends all gave her space or comforted her when she sought them out. But a week had passed since her parents had been in the accident, and although it was difficult, she realized that they would not want her to mope around and isolate herself but instead continue to live life to the fullest and follow her dreams. Victoria Farus made the decision that she would enjoy her life and do everything in her power to make her parents proud, even if they could only watch from
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