Victoria's Secret Marketing Strategy

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The catalog and coupon catalog is another way that Victoria’s Secret often advertises. These type of promotions are monthly, and almost always contain a coupon that entices the consumer to go to the retail store. The pages are filled with the Victoria’s Secret Angels in the products that can be found in stores. This is how it varies from the fashion show. The products that Victoria’s Secret sells can be easily found and seen on the models. Consumers are signed up for these type of advertisements when they shop in store. Every time a customer goes up to the counter or buys an item online, an employee will always ask for an email address or address. These catalogs are effective advertising because the coupons they offer with in them are enticing.…show more content…
They are targeting middle class women as the prices of products are fairly priced for the quality of bra for sale. Women are able to purchase from a wide variety of styles of bra/underwear, color, patterns and designs. Customers are also able to purchase various items from work out items, to perfume and makeup. The quality of the product is always high and customers are often willing to spend more on lingerie at Victoria’s Secret than at other stores because of the diverse merchandise offering. This has also created loyal customers for Victoria’s Secret, creating a following that allows for them to have a better understand of their customers wants and needs. They have also created a sub-brand within the Victoria’s Secret realm to advertise to teenagers. PINK is a highly successful brand for teenagers that is not as sexualized as the Victoria’s Secret brand is. By advertising to the younger teenagers, they are able to maintain customers that will follow the brand as they get older and turn to Victoria’s Secret to purchase bras. They are creating loyal customers and they are doing this through less sexualized ads. This is something that is drawing in more consumers and makes PINK unique from the main brand Victoria’s…show more content…
By the unique advertising strategies that they have implemented, like the fashion show, they have created global enterprise and a image surround their brand. They are more than a lingerie brand and have amassed a following that proves that they are more than just a company that sells clothes. By continuing using the strategy that they have been, and by also generating ads reflective of the opinions of women of the time, they should continue to reach large audiences and stay a powerful, successful

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