Victoria Secret Case Study

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All about the fashionable Victoria’s secret: Victoria’s Secret is none other than an American retail store, which seems to be the biggest chain in selling women’s lingerie all over the US. Roy Raymond is said to be the victoria secret owner, since the company sells beauty products, lingerie and a lot of other woman’s clothing over several thousand stores. Through their catalog, the concern reaches about 370 million people across the world. The company is completely possessed by limited brands. In reality, they have been accredited with getting lingerie into the mainstream. But, how they accomplish this feat successfully? It was through the utilization of beautiful, scantily clad and sexy lingerie models, which we have, all get to recognize…show more content…
One of the most common misconceptions regarding the history of Victoria’s Secret is that it owns a British Heritage. However, the history of the brand lies with being romantic and youthful. Grace Nicholas had played a major role in molding up its history. Under her leadership, the concern has seen its golden period during which Victoria’s Secret was considered as the one of the topmost brands across the world. The brand has earned a lot of popularity in the course of time. It has diversified out of lingerie to host lots of other products. Of course, its products range from Victoria’s secret shoes, lotions, fragrance to victoria secret phone case and victoria secret travel bags in addition to several other products. But, Victoria’s Secret shoes and lotions have become popular amongst them. Victoria’s Secret shoes have received a place for itself as a mark of style as well as quality, since these shoes are really a combination of both style and…show more content…
The victoria secret southland mall has truly mastered the art through which they make lingerie as gorgeous as possible and looking extremely seductive. Their clothing is really magnificent to look at, as each piece looks a lot more glamorous over the others. In fact, the line of clothing, which is tone down, has a component of innocent sex appeal. With too many lines to search through, there would be one for every one’s intimate taste. In case you are looking out for something through victoria secret broadway, you have to recognize what they are actually all about. They enclose many different lines of clothing, which are tailored to various kinds of women or else the various moods, which women may be in. Usually, the areas of difference are referred to be: The Bombshell, the flirt, the romantic, the sensualist and the

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