The Importance Of Being Earnest Literary Analysis

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Wilde had a purpose in writing this play about Victorian society. Wilde satirizes Victorian society in his play. In this play, Lady Bracknell is the source of ridiculousness. “Oscar Wilde’s purpose in writing… the play ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ is to reveal the idiocy of the emphasis on appearance and rank in Victorian society.” ( In this case, Oscar Wilde stated the importance of being true and being honest. You cannot be what you aren’t and live that way your entire life. Wilde thinks people shouldn’t lie even though Victorian society had strict rules and manners. If someone lies, their relationship will be unsustainable. Oscar Wilde wanted to use this play to reflect Victorian society and wake everyone up. “The Important of Being Earnest” reflects Victorian Society through the way Wilde writes his characters, the views they have, and the society that is shown. “The Importance of Being Ernest” is a satire, and a satire is supposed to make fun of people, things or society. Wilde finds that the people were funny during Victorian Society. He thinks that the people were rigid and stubborn. Lady Bracknell was the one being strict, and she seems funny. “I would…show more content…
Even though “The Importance of Being Earnest” is funny, I did not live during that time period, so it was hard for me to identify with the strict manners. “Big Kiss” made fun of the extras on a movie set, and I could understand Alford’s humor. The extras wanted to get the director’s attention, so they could reach their goal. “Yes,’ I acknowledged, ‘her work is particularly broad.” (Alford, 1000). This quote shows that extras will do anything even if it is hard. They want to achieve their dream of being noticed, becoming famous, and getting into the Hollywood scene. I understand why the extras devote so much to the work. After I read “Big Kiss”, I appreciated the satire, but I felt sad for the extras at the same
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