The Perfect Girl

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“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” One of the most famous quotes by Kate Moss, meticulously reflects the mindset we posses in today’s society. We have adopted a numerical judgement of everyone around us, defining people based on their height and mostly weight, rather than their ambition or inner beauty. The idea of being a size zero not only became a competition but it also evolved from a trend to an absurd obsession. It seems as though humanity is assaulted by depictions of slender, immaculate, beautiful women. However, it is important to recognize where this idea of perfection came from. The perfect image was originally obtained by Hollywood stars as well as fashion models, but eventually,

other girls began to obsess about molding
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The women are shown deceiving towards the camera while revealing their “perfect bodies”; flat stomach, thigh gap and long-limbed. By seeing such images, it is rather difficult to alter the ideal model of a flawless women. Candice Swanepoel (present in this campaign) is often associated with the definition of perfection, which results in once again results in a temptational desire to become just like her. Therefore, Victoria’s Secret Swim Special proves the idea that mass media greatly influences our mindset and expectations while intriguing an audience ranging from young girls to…show more content…
Lima is holding a football while wearing a controversial gorset along with a mass amount of makeup. She uses the football as her accessory mainly focusing on her body and being captivating, rather then the football being the subject of the campaign considering the fact that it was made for a sports event. It is important to notice that the reason the Super Bowl is an ideal opportunity for Victoria’s Secret to promote its lingerie as it is close to Valentines Day, therefore there will be a higher number of customers especially since millions are watching the championship in front of the television.

The Super Bowl advertisement of Victoria’s Secret largely focuses on the flawless body that Adriana Lima possesses. This once again appeals to the minds of women as they a immaculate women posing for the most known lingerie brand. This puts an idea in women's minds that, only qualified and fit models can look so exceptional in these clothes.

Furthermore, after looking closely at the two adverts it is indisputable to deduce that the portrayal of women in such an intriguing way has a negative effect on the society; especially the female section. Many may suggest that there is just as much pressure on the male part however, according to the Association for Body Image Disordered Eating, it was revealed that women’s magazines had about 10.5 times as many weight loss advertisements
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