Victors Creature Becomes A Monster According To Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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The book Frankenstein was written by young English author by the name of Mary Shelley. The book tells a story that is about Victor Frankenstein, a young man who establishes a monstrous but clever creature in an unconventional scientific exercise. Mary Shelley started writing her story when she only eighteen years of age. The first edition to the novel was published in London in 1818, when she was twenty years old. According to that, her next publication of the novel was in France in 1823. This would be the beginning for the young author who wrote many more novels we know today. Frankenstein is a novel with a heart touching message. The message entails that the audience or the reader will not exactly see the story only from the narrators perspective but it will also reveal infinite amount of unseen assumptions and construct a form of personal connection to the story. One of its main statements is that no one person is given life to be a monster and a monster is produced throughout…show more content…
The only way it becomes a murderer is when its main goal is to seek revenge. The creature is pissed off because he has been abandoned his whole life by his creator and with no one to take care of him he is left alone in this belligerent world. He can not simply be existing in this world where he has nobody to love. That is all he is looking for. He wants to love someone and feel secured by another’s love. He wants to be taken care of, since he has been all alone his whole life. We all no that he clearly has not been a monster his whole life, but he he did become one after Victor Frankenstein rejected him and refuse to see that he has to be a responsible person and own up to his creation forever. His child came into this world being defenseless and helpless. He was born to simply see his father, the person who brought him into this world and the one that was going to love
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