Victor's Loss Of Loneliness In Frankenstein

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is about a man that creates human life. The abandonment, unhappiness, and misunderstandment between the creature and the other characters causes a lot of suffering. Throughout the novel no one will give him a chance to show them that he is not harmful, despite his appearance. If Victor wouldn´t have turned him away from the very beginning he could have saved a lot of people from getting hurt. As soon as the creature comes to life Victor is startled by his appearance, as well as everyone else in the novel. From the beginning the monster was abandoned by everyone. He didn 't have friends or family. Victor was not the only one that turned him away. People that didn 't even know him were scared by his appearance. This was a continuous trend. ¨ ´Unable to endure the aspect of being I had created, I rushed out of the room…´ ¨ (Shelley 35) When Victor proceeds to come back to the room a couple hours later his creation is gone. This is the start of suffering for his family. The people in the village don 't even give him a chance. They all saw him, and because of his appearance the children ran away while the adults threw stones at him. ¨ ´… but I had hardly placed my foot within the door before the children shrieked, and one of the women fainted, the whole village was roused; some fled, some attacked me…´ ¨ (74)…show more content…
All of the loneliness causes the monster to become unhappy, and because of this a lot of people die. People in the novel don´t understand that he has good intentions. At one point the monster was trying to save a young girl from drowning. ¨ ´She continued her course along the precipitous river, when suddenly her foot slipped, and she fell into the rapid stream.´ ¨ (101) Even though Victor had many citizens mistreat he did not let the girl drown. ¨ ´I followed speedily, I hardly knew way; but when the man saw me draw near, he aimed a gun, which he carried, at my body, and fired.´ ¨ (101) Ultimately he was punished for his good
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