Victory Garden Research Paper

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Decades ago, people used victory gardens to supply villages and towns with food as wars took place. As the food supply of the people living in war-affected countries dwindled, victory gardens in backyards, public parks, and open fields provided people and soldiers with the food they needed. Although we are fortunately not being affected by war in Los Angeles, UCLA has the plan to create a victory garden on campus. I personally love this idea of creating a victory garden for UCLA and the Los Angeles area as the food of this garden would be able to supply people in the Los Angeles community in case a natural disaster takes place. As Southern California is prone to have Earthquakes, the UCLA victory garden would continue to provide us and nearby families with nutritious food that wouldn’t spoil. In creating this victory garden at UCLA, we have an amazing opportunity as students to give back to the Los Angeles community, and to take part in this activity together.
Looking back to when the world wars took place, these “war gardens” encouraged the communities of afflicted areas to come
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I believe it is very important to care not only for yourself, but those around you who are in need as well. As students, the majority of us are fortunate enough to have three meals a day and lead a healthy life; other students and families within the Los Angeles community do not have such food security. With the strong initiative of providing food for our community, the victory garden would donate a large portion of the food it grows to the UCLA and general Los Angeles food bank. By taking part in the victory garden project, an incredible opportunity for us to help families and children have the food they need presents itself to us. We would be working in the gardens for our pleasure with different community members for a much greater
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