Victory Stele Of Naram-Sin And The Narmer Palette

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Tiffany Phillips Humanities 1301.Section 192 Professor Jana Haasz February 18, 2017 1. The relief of the Victory Stele of Naram-Sin and the Narmer Palette are different; the Victory Steel of Naram-Sim is sculpted in a way that is protruding immensely from the palette while the Narmer Palette is very shallow in comparison (Cunningham, Pg. 16). 2. Each Palette is depicting a battle but they each have their own uniqueness. Victory Stele of Naram-Sin is showing the Pharaoh on an ascent through a battle ground towards the gods, his foes falling at his feet as he walks and others begging for mercy (Cunningham, Pg. 16). His warriors are following behind him with a confident and unwavering stance, showing their confidence in Naram-Sin and his leadership (Cunningham, Pg. 22). The Narmer Palette shows more of a sectioned off story, on one side it is showing Narmer, the Pharaoh, larger than any other person or god in the scene, depicting how much absolute power he had at this time (Cunningham, Pg. 22). The Palette shows the goddess Hathor watching over the events like it is an arena and the Falcon that symbolized the god Horus, with a rope around a head, possibly indicating the capture of Pharaoh of the other kingdom (Cunningham, Pg. 22). The back includes the battle scene and the goddess still watching over Narmer, as well as a bull knocking down a wall, most likely symbolizing Lower Egypt’s defeat as well as two creatures entangled with each other in unison

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