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I would like to become a Victory Viking Voice because I want to help assist and inspire others to success. From the moment the Victory Viking Voices came to give a presentation over Victory Early College to my middle school, I immediately felt adoration towards them. I thought to myself, that’s where I want to be one day. The Voices have had such an impact on my life since our first interaction. They motivated me to apply to Victory. They introduced me to this amazing opportunity I could take where I can earn my associate’s degree at the same time as I am earning my high school diploma. I took the opportunity they offered me, completed the application, and not a single day passes by where I regret my decision.
At Fish Camp, the Voices were absolutely astonishing. They were extremely helpful with every question I asked and gave so much information that my questions were kept at a minimal. Besides being helpful, they were also exceedingly amiable. To this day, I have strong friendships with various people of the organization. By the end of Fish Camp, I thoroughly admired the Voices. I appreciated and respected what they have done as an organization to help out the new freshmen class learn the ropes of Victory. This is what motivated me to one day
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This is an opportunity not any sane person nor myself can deny. I want to show others how to reach their goals properly as the Voices do. Learning from them will be as if I am learning from high-leveled experts themselves. I see the Voices as role models to look up to. Everything they do is perfectly calculated and expressed. I wish to be taught the ability to do this as precise as they are. Joining this organization will not only demonstrate how to better myself in ways such as brainstorming and leadership skills, but also how to teach others these skills to help with their personal

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