Video Analysis: The Freedom Riders

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Freedom Riders
The purpose for the creation of the Freedom Riders was to have a nonviolent protest against racial discrimination. In an attempt to violate segregation laws in the south, the Freedom Riders were a mix of Blacks and Whites who, together, rode in small busses all the way from Washington D.C. to New Orleans. The Riders were hoping to get the movement into the deep south and wanted to start a national movement. Not only did the Riders have to be trained on what to do when violently attacked, they also had to prepare mentally for all the hateful comments and chants that they would receive. The Freedom Riders had a long and cruel journey ahead of them, but they were willing to confront it all if it meant leaving a powerful impact.
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Many times people believe that the Freedom Riders got the results they wanted without facing any hardships, but this was not the case. In my opinion, the part of the video I felt most exposed me to the history of the Freedom Riders was when they arrived to Anniston, Alabama. There was a crowd of at least 200 men waiting for the Riders as they arrived, and these men were not there to offer a friendly welcome. These men laid in front of the Greyhound bus, to assure themselves that it could not go anywhere, and yelled harmful words to the Riders. Not only did these men yell vulgar words, but they also went up to the bus to hit the windows with the sole purpose of scaring off the Riders. The part that really shocked me was when these men followed the bus up until it got a flat tire and set the fuel tank on fire, putting at risk the life of all these innocent people. Although the Riders were constantly being haunted by hate crimes, they refused to give in to violence and give up on their mission. This movement played a major role in our history, but it is important to remember and recognize what the Riders had to suffer…show more content…
Many Riders ended up in hospital beds with serious injuries due to the amount of violence they received. Unfortunately for the United States, the movement received lots of negative press and when the news of what was occurring began spreading, America was greatly embarrassed. The state of Alabama was the most dangerous part of the trip for the Riders and it got to the point where U.S. Marshals had to step in to stop the violence. On September 22nd, the signs that segregated the Blacks and Whites finally came down. The movement opened the path to many more victories in civil rights. The Freedom Riders proved how powerful nonviolent protest can be and brought a sense of unity to our
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