Video Analysis: The Powow Trail

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For my reading response this week, I decided to talk about the stories I heard on the website, The videos were so powerful and just amazing to watch. The first video I watched was the one called, Waadookodaading, which was about an Ojibwe language school ( There is such a large problem of these tribes losing their languages because they aren’t being passed down to the next generation. The video discussed how important language is to culture and how language give specific vocabulary to practices in a culture. Language allows us to understand our culture more deeply because of its vocabulary. Then, I watched another video called, Lady Thunderhawks, which was about a girl in high school who plays basketball at her school (…show more content…
The girl talked about how it is so easy to get caught up in the world outside of their culture and to lose who you are as a person. I just cannot imagine how the Native Americans who were uprooted in the U.S. felt when their culture was ripped from them with the boarding schools for Indians. Finally, I watched the video called, Powwow Trail, which was probably my most favorite out of all the ones I watched ( After watching, it was just amazing to see how powerful the powwows are and how important they are to the people who participate in
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