Video Analysis: Where Were Humans Gone From Earth?

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If humans were suddenly gone from earth, the planet would be dramatically changed. Many animals would die out and others would adapt to stay alive. The buildings would get taken over by plants and animals. Over time, all the man made structures and buildings would fall. Without human life on the planet, everything would be very different. A niche is defined as “the role or function of an organism or species in an ecosystem” by A niche that would be left unoccupied would be lice. After humans are gone, the lice would die because the lice depend on human blood for survival.
After the absence of humans, there would be many objects that would be left unused by humans and buildings left empty. Animals would make these buildings their home. The animals would end up adapting to living in enclosed buildings like homes. The animals would also use the extensive highway system as a migration path. The roads would make migrating much easier and more efficient for animals.
An example of animals adapting would be elephants breaking out of zoos in cities, where they would adapt to life in urban areas instead of their normal habitat. The video mentioned that the elephants could break out of the zoo, but I personally believe that it would be quite hard for the elephants to
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An example of this shown in the video was that the queen’s corgi dogs would be locked inside the mansion and not be able to get out. The dogs would be fine for a while with the food supply in the kitchen, but after some time the food would run out. Pet dogs in general would be locked inside homes, which would be a problem to them when they needed food. The video shows that the dogs would escape the homes by simply getting out the door, I do not think that this is possible. Dogs are not easily breaking out of their homes now, so they would not be able to get out

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