Video Game Addiction Research Paper

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Video games are tools used by many for joy and leisure. Wasting time or actually using it to the fullest is most people 's response when asked the question " why do you spend so much time playing games?”. Video games are quite harmless if played properly. If abused like many things in this world, it can have a negative effect on that person. Video game addiction is very common among teenagers; if it is not treated properly it can end up having long-term negative effects on the addict. While many do not consider video game addiction as an actual disorder because of the lack of sufficient studies to support the claim, assuming it is harmless and is just a phase will not solve the issue.

To be considered an addict, the person must have a strong dependence or obsession on the substance or behavior; if the person is unable to get the satisfaction of doing or using the substance it can result in unhappiness or depression according to Dr. Michael Brody. Compulsive behavior like extreme gaming is considered an addiction. Typically the word addiction is used in association with abuse of substances such as alcohol or drugs. Moreover, gamers who are addicts often run away from their real life problems by playing video games. For instance, shy or socially awkward people usually are those that become addicts. Because of their inability to communicate with real people or the real world, they
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Prolonged periods of sitting in front of a screen will have negative effects on that person’s physical health. Body fitness level may decrease and sight might get damaged as it can strain the eyes. It can also strain relationship and lead too their end. Because of the long hours of gameplay, the addict may suffer from sleep deprivation, which may lead to losing their job. Addicts come in many forms, not just
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