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While doing my observations at target one of the video games that was examine was a Nintendo 3DS Pokémon: Omega Ruby. This game is packaged with a big action figure in the front of the package. It also has fire coming from the background. The fire represents that the action figure is a warrior or a leader. The task that elementary age students will have to perform is good sensorimotor skills. The reason that they need to use this task is because this will help them develop problem solving skills. In the game problem solving will be effective because you have certain task to complete. This game is connected to Jean Paiget’s cognitive development because from the game a child can development strategy development. It also helps with their development…show more content…
This toy is packaged in a black box with a picture of Batman and Harley Quinn racing each other on two different motorcycles. The task that elementary age students will have to perform for this toy is creativity for the reason that this toy comes in little pieces and it is up the child to construct the Legos. From this game you have to build your Gotham City. This helps with child development skill because the child has to analyze what they see with the pieces of Legos and figure out how they are going to construct their toy. The type of prior knowledge that a child will need to play with Legos is basically just being able to build and development from their preoperational stage. This is the only knowledge because there is not really no exact way to construct. Legos is a toy that can build any way that you want. Building Legos just takes creativity. The Lego DC Super Heroes toy is a good example where a child can expand their logical thinking skills. According to Jean Piagets, Concrete operational stage this stage is when children from the age of 7 to 11 years old starts to develop demonstrates their common logically integrated (Driscoll, 2005, P. 197). With this game a child is gaining a better understanding of their mental operations because they are constructing a toy. This age is targeted at the right age it says on the box that is it recommended for children between the ages of 7 to 14 years.

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