Video Game Violence And Violence

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Let’s take a trip down memory lane. What we’re going to see is violence. Violence has been around forever. There was violence in World War 1. There was violence in the Revolutionary War. There was violence in the Roman Empire. There was even violence in the Bible. Violence has been around since the beginning of mankind, yet video games haven’t been around for half that time. In fact video games have only recently come about in the last few decades. With that in mind it would be ridiculous to say that video games cause violence when they haven’t even been around long enough to prove that there is a real connection between the two. That’s why there is no real link between video game violence and real world violence. One compelling piece of evidence to support this is the fact that there has not been one person who has yet to produce a reliable study showing a strong link between violent video games and violent crime. A lot of studies may show a slight increase in aggression, but that is expected. There are hundreds of things in this world that tend to make us more aggressive than our normal selves. Any type of sport, competition, concert, even vigorous exercise can raise our aggression levels. Playing Wii sports has even been proven to trigger more aggressive behaviors in people than violent video games such as Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto (Peckham). If we were to start banning things based on how aggressive they make us than it would be much more logical to ban family
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