Video Games Argumentative Essay

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There has been a long-standing debate about whether video games are more harmful to children than they are beneficial. People on the pro-videogame side of the argument state that video games help children cope with real-life situations as well as help them learn. People opposed to video games suggest that these games hurt the learning of developing children and it makes them become more violent. Despite the opposed view to video games, it is clear that video games are more beneficial to children because they can be used to teach and help children escape the real-life problems that they face on a day-to-day basis. First of all, video games help children learn different cognitive aspects by making them simple to understand. There are…show more content…
Unfortunately, children must grow up in a world where they must face problems such as rejection, bullying in their own schools, and death. While it is important for children to face these problems in real-life, it is also important that they be allowed to escape them for some time. People can 't function properly if they are so fixated on the stress that life causes, so video games are a great way to cope with that stress. The major purpose of video games is to help the player have fun and enjoy an experience outside of the real world. As article 1 mentions, "Playing video games as a form of entertainment can help a child relax" (P. 3). On the other hand, opposers question the stress-reducing nature of video games. A major point they discuss is that " actually increase aggressive thoughts and behavior" (Article 2, P. 4). Many parents and older alduts are concerned that children may become more violent as they age when exposed to many of the popular violent video games out there. However, the reality is that "most youths fully understand the difference between fantasy and reality" (Article 1, P. 3). It is up to these youths to decide how much they want to be a part of the fantasy that video games provide. Every kid is aware that video games are not real representations of life. But, if they decide that they want to live out that fantasy, it is crucial
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