Video Games Make People Violent Or Affect People

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Can Video Games Make People Violent Or Affect Lives In A Negative Way. You always hear people saying violent video games can make you a more violent person, then you hear people defending video games saying that video games do nothing wrong and instead its the peoples problem. People have been arguing over this debate for many years. I will be writing about violent video games and how they don 't make you more violent. There 's lots of people who play violent video games but many of them aren 't violent at all and the people who happen to be actually violent can and have put a bad stigma over parts of the gaming community. Data from statistics has also shown that while video game sales have gone up over the past couple of years, crime rates have also gone down, i 'm not saying video games stop crimes but there does seem to be a coincidence. Video games can also help with motor skills development, helping with memory, co-operation with other people, helping with leadership roles, understanding orders, and video games can even help with developing better…show more content…
People can also meet other people online and make more friends which can help if they don 't have many friends in real life, video games can also help people become more confident and more sociable along with relieving boredom and stress. But it might not work like this for everyone. Its also not fair how violent movies and television shows don 't get as much bad attention. Even though some of the content is even more graphic and violent than in some video games. Some people however can get stressed by playing video games and can become more aggressive. Video games often get brought up a lot when something controversial happens, Like the Columbine high School shooting massacre.
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