Video Games Misconception Essay

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A common misconception thought by most people regarding video games is that people who play online shooters are more violent than people who don’t play online shooters. This is false there is no correlation between the violence in video games and the violence outside of virtual world. Most kids who are willing to perform a violent action, will do so whether or not they have played Call Of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. Kids these days are not influenced by what they play on there down time but how they are raised. Saying that video games cause violent actions in kids is no excuses for bad parenting.
When parents buy their kids the newest game to be released. Most parents completely ignore the rating for the game. So when the parent looks at the content of the game. Some are often appalled at what is going on inside the virtual world. So they take the game away and say “This way too violent for my 12 year old to be playing”. When in fact the 12 year old should not even have the game because it 's rated “M” for mature. Then the parent blames the game for there kids violent actions. When in reality the kid is just being rebellious because the brand new game just got taken away even though they did nothing wrong.
Some video games can even have health benefits. Video games in some instances can inspire creativity, especially in the art field.
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This as far away from the truth as you can get. Video games don 't cause violence in children. Household experiences cause violence in children. Video games can be and experience that kids will never forget. They will remember that time they stormed a castle, fought a dragon, went on a magical quest to save a princess. And it all happened in there living room. Kids need these amazing experiences to help them grow and have a better understanding of
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