Video Games: Positive And Negative Impact On Teenagers

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CHAPTER 2 IMPACTS In this chapter, we will discuss how video gaming can present both positive and negative impacts on teenagers. 2.1 Positive Impact: Promote Social Interaction Video games facilitate a high level of social interaction where many players interact, communicate and play with each other (Reer & Kramer, 2014).They are built in the form of teamwork. Teamwork is encouraged when players have to interact and communicate to complete in-game quests, which are purposefully designed to be too difficult for a single character and require the help of a group of other players. (Jakobson, M. Taylor, T.L., 2003) For instance, games like Portal 2 or Kirby’s Epic Yarn are enhanced by having players cooperate to solve in-game puzzles. (S. Steinberg,…show more content…
3). Players are motivated to play more to complete those quests, resulting in spending too much time videogaming which potentially leads to to addiction. Video gaming addiction leads to detrimental effects, rendering it crucial to steer teenagers away from addiction. Addiction to video games lead to negative consequences like avoiding sleep or eating meals to continue gaming and could eventually lead to a sleep disorder or diet-related health issues. (PsychGuides, n.d.) Despite existing measures in place to tackle gaming addiction, the number of teenagers obsessed in video gamers remains prevalent in Singapore and has even intensified in recent years. Furthermore, according to our survey results, current measures are received poorly by our target group. . The average rating given to current measures was 1.73 out of 4, with 1 being “very ineffective” and 4 being “very effective”. The key reason given for these poor ratings are that the programmes do not motivate them to start taking action to prevent video game addiction in themselves and in their peers. Hence, we believe that more can be done to increase the efficacy of such

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