Video Games Thesis

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Saad 1
Roupen Saad
Dr. Rana Ebeid
Eng 102
November 19, 2014
Youth and Video Games
The Negative Effects Of Violent Video Games On Teenagers
A Research Paper Outline
I. Abstract
II. Introduction:
A. Topic: Violent video games and their effects on teenagers
B. Historical Backgound:
a. The design of a computer that plays the game Nim in the year 1940.
b. The invention of gaming consoles on TV’s and how they became popular.
c. The beginning of violent video games in 1980.

Saad 2
D. Research Question:
a.what are the negative effects of violent video games on youth?
b. How can the negative effects be prevented?
E. Thesis Statement:
Some video games may be educationally useful, nevertheless; the negative effects are more than the positive
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“The Impact of Interactive Violence on Children” by Craig Anderson.
C: Psychological:
Saad 3
a. “I wish I were a warrior” by Elly Konjin et al.
b. “Video Games Decrease Self Control” by Brad Bushman.
IV. Research Methods:
This research uses the triangulation research method
A. Historical Data: Most noteworthy sources.
B. Interview:
a. Psychiatrist, Hanan Hana, at Kalousdian Noubarian Armenian school
b. Sociologist, Madeline Fayez at Kalousdian Noubarian Armenian school
C. Questionnaire:
a. Teenagers aging from 13 to 19 years, boys and girls, teenagers from different social levels.
D. Findings:
The survey that was held, gave some more information about how the teenagers felt about video games how it affected them and how to prevent the negative effects.
V. Conclusions:
A. Topic Sentence: Violent video games lead to poor social skills.
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a. Sub idea 1: Violent video games make teenagers have unacceptable behavior.
Evidence 1: As Craig Anderson stated in his article “The Impact Of Interactive Violence On Children”, teenagers who play violent video games behave more violently than those who don’t.
Evidence 2: Experiments and studies have shown that playing violent video games lead to a diminished pro-social behavior, Anderson
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Evidence 2: Bushman states in his article that violent video games make teenagers self-control decrease and that was proved when they conducted an experiment which showed that violent video game players lost control of themselves easier than non-violent video game players.
A. To avoid the social disadvantages:
a. Raise awareness that violent video games are a bad influence on their child’s social life.
b. Tell the parents to check the game ratings and age limits before buying the game.
c. Setting rules about how much their child is allowed to play video games per day.

B. To prevent the physiological negative effects:
a. Raise awareness about how violent video games can affect their child’s phisiology.
Saad 8
b. Tell parents to select appropriate games both in level of content and development.
c. Inform parents to play video games with their kids to experience the game’s content.

C. To prevent the psychological effects.
a. Remind parents that they are their kid’s role model.
b. Try not to purchase violent video games in the first place.
c. Teach teenagers at school that self-control is a good thing by rewarding them when they practice
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