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Video Response Worksheet SOCI 101 CCBC / Fall 2015 Section __ / Franz, Aaron MS-13 A.) 1.) Society – A society is a select group of people who share a culture and a territory. This is ever present when we inspect gang-style groups such as MS-13. They have formed a culture around themselves, and share a territory, specifically so that they can control their area. Be is a street, a c ity, or a whole country, a society is a selective cultural group that shares distinct elements through nearly every one of its members, and the boundaries of the society can fluctuate with time, as well as the ideals that the society is based upon. This gives credence to the movement of MS-13, and their change from a small street gang in LA, to one of…show more content…
The idea that groups can affect the individual drastically, and we can affect groups is pretty interesting to note. In the case of the film, MS-13 comes into many of its member 's lives at a young age, fundamentally changing how they view the world. Without the group (the group here being MS-13,) would these gang members been violent, or polarized towards crime? Would they have a different view of MS-13? Or, on the other side, how would MS-13 be affected if it didn 't have certain instrumental people within it? How would it look if the “leader” was a different person with different ideals? These are all interesting to note and are integral to understanding how a group is oriented, and why the function as they…show more content…
2.) Deviance – Deviance is the idea of an action of event that goes against the morals / ideals of the culture or society that the event occurs within. 3.) Snitch – Someone who tells authorities about illegal activities perpetrated by those within their peer group. C.) 1.) Where was MS-13 formed? a.) San Francisco b.) Venezuela c.) Mexico d.) Los Angeles The correct answer is D.). MS-13 was formed on the streets of Los-Angeles. 2.) What is a cultural goal? a.) Success as defined by a society b.) Religious affirmation c.) Accumulation of wealth d.) Colletion of peers The correct answer is a.) The others are examples of cultural goals within a society, rather than a view of cultural goals themselves. 3.) What is Deviance? a.) An incarcerated person. b.) An action or event that goes against the morals of the society or culture it occurs within. c.) MS-13 d.) Illegal activities. The correct answer is B.). That is the definition of an deviance, the others are not. 4.) What is this the definition of – Someone who inherently affects the ideas and ideals, as well as goals and customs of a group that they are a part of. a.) Group-Dynamics b.) Primary group c.) Leader d.) Deviance The correct answer is c.). This is the definition of

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