Essay On Video Surveillance

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Abstract— In recent years, video surveillance systems become more important to enhance the security and safety of people. These systems can use in various fields such as smart home, office, bank security, monitoring the traffic and in public like shopping malls, railway stations, airports and so on. By using this system, it offers realtime display of the monitoring scene and video playback. Besides that, more comprehensive and specific monitoring with no limit of the line-of-sight can be achieved. In this paper, a study of video surveillance system which focusing on using wireless sensor network has been done. Out of these video surveillance system published in the literature, a total of 5 works has been reviewed and compared.

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Commonly multiple cameras need to cover a large area. In order to track objects effectively, one camera needs to handshake between the objects captured in multiple cameras. The typical elements in surveillance system are tracking the ojects, change detection, camera coordination, obstruction handling and monitoring activity [3].
Nowadays, people put more attention on home security but current home security system for anti-theft still can be broken and the thieves still can entered the house. Therefore, the [4] had done the research on intelligent security system that offers a high level of home security using visual surveillance.
In study propose by [2] represents a real time video surveillance system consists of a few wireless video cameras and many sensors. The system lets a group of sensor that work together to identify and track mobile objects and then updating their positions to the sink node in the WSNs. At that time, the sink node uses the IP cameras positioned in the sensing area to record the events and display the current situations. When events are detected by sensors, they start to collect data for a specific period. Fig. 1 shows the proposed system which consists of two parts; sensor side and sink
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