Vietnam: Causes And The Impacts Of The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War had a crucial impact on the Vietnamese and the Americans’ Home life. Not only did it have an impact on these people but also the impact on the American fighters. Between 1963 and 19 73 the US had sent thousands upon thousands of soldiers to the battle grounds in Vietnam. At the start of the war the American soldiers were fixed on the reasons they were fighting however towards 19 68 the troops were considering the real reasons’ they were involved in the war, due to this 500’000 troops had deserted the war and refused to fight. The fact that these soldiers weren’t volunteered to go and were given slips, didn’t help either. The war also had a physical and mental effect on the soldiers heading into a jungle with thin roads wasn’t the most promising thought against people who lived there lives. The US soldiers claimed that the enemies were ‘invisible ‘and most US soldiers didn’t even see the people who shot them and killed their companions. The war didn’t just have an impact on the US army but also on the home life of average American citizens. The public were told that the US army were doing amazingly well in the war and so believed what they were told by the government and the current President (Eisenhower). On the evening of January 31st 1968 many American dreams and believes were shattered due to alive footage that was broadcasted on the TV of most Americans. From this night onwards the American public questioned reason why the US was involved in the war.

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