Environmental Issues In Vietnam Essay

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“When the rice gets sick, I am sad too.” In an article for Public Radio International, reporter Christopher Johnson tells the story of a 63 year old Vietnamese rice farmer. Hai Thach, who lives in the Soc Trang Province of Vietnam, notices that his once thriving rice field has been affected by saline intrusion, or the presence of salt in the water and soil in the area. Thach, along with other rice farmers in the province, rely heavily on their rice crops not only to feed their families, but as a source of income (Johnson). Although Vietnam’s carbon footprint is miniscule compared to those of countries like the United States and China, its farmers and citizens are being negatively impacted by the effects of climate change- an environmental phenomenon being caused and exacerbated by the actions of developed countries. Countries that are dependent solely on their agricultural industries for profit and global trade will be disproportionately affected by climate change, primarily its effects on sea levels.
According to the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration, rising sea levels are
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