Cultural Briefing In Vietnam Essay

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Cultural briefing: Vietnam Are you interested in visiting Vietnam, a truly hidden gem of Asia? If so, prepare beforehand in order to be aware of some do’s and don’ts and have the best trip possible. Formality of dress in business (and pleasure) When preparing for the meeting, first choose your attire wisely. Business attire in Vietnam generally consists of a suit and tie for men and suit or dress for women. During the hotter months, formal dress for men is a shirt and tie. Open collar shirts and slacks may be worn to more informal meetings, depending on the situation. The trend in southern Vietnam is to be more casual: suit jackets are worn only on very formal occasions and at first meetings. Dress code in general is very important in Vietnam and in order to integrate, tourists should respect some common rules. Dressing appropriately is important not only for the prevailing climatic conditions, but also not to cause offence to the local people. Vietnamese have…show more content…
Be aware that it has been happening in Vietnam since long before tourists ever arrived and it is not necessarily that they are “ripping you off”. Barging is just the fluid way that small transactions happen in Vietnam. So, sellers will make false claims, pretend you’ve agreed to a higher price, or give you back less change than you are owed, but it is not the reason not to enjoy in Vietnam. Try to prepare visely and educate yourself about these customs. Remember that losing your temper in public or when bargaining for a purchase is considered a serious loss of face for both parties. Instead of being angry, for your own price and stick to it and if you feel they want to squeeze the money out of you, just politely go away. Vietnamese love to do business and hate to see a customer walk away, and above all, they respect a tough
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