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Culture of Vietnam
SSG Duplantier, Robert
Class 002-18
Instructor SFC Williams The idealists of the people of Vietnam is that of both of Communist and a bit of Democratic. Although the political structure of Vietnam is more sided of Communist. Whereas the president servers as the head of government in what is known as a one system party lead by the Communist party. Nevertheless, in the same ideals that of the democratic system, there is a Congress and within it a Centralized committee. The Congress of Vietnam has been ran by the Communist Party for the past 40 years and all other that have opposed the Party has been involved with some type of misfortunate accident. It has not been until recent years that the government of Vietnam
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This was until the Communist of Russia supplied and trained the Vietnam Army to a more modern fighting force. During World War II, the Vietnam army had struggled against the Japanese empire. As it was demolished along with the government of Vietnam. Following the end of the Second World War, Vietnam had adopted the Russian take of government and army with the raise of Ho Chi Minh. The official Vietnamese military was born on December 1944, and currently is consisted of Ground Forces, Navy, Air Force, Border Defense and a Coast Guard. Like most countries that would struggle on the volunteer force require all able men from the age of 18-25 years of age to join the military force for a minimum of 24 months (Kiernan, 2017). After the Vietnam War in 1975 with the United States, the Vietnam army structure fell into what is still active to this date. Most units that had faced the United States Army and done the best rolled in to region armies consisting of first through the ninth military region armies (Kiernan,…show more content…
Since then the country has seen many wars mostly involving boarder issues with neighboring China. The country has been through many civil wars along with fighting enemies abroad at the same time. Vietnam was not on the radar of most powerful countries until the French Indochina war in the mid-nineteenth century. Then again, during the Second World War with the Japan Empire over taking Vietnam and forcing all that opposed to force labor to work for the Japan Empire’s war machine (Elanor Jane Sterling, 2007). After the turn of World War II, the country forced into yet again a civil war between the communist and the people’s republic of Vietnam. In order to aid the people and over through the communist government the United States got involved what came to be known as the Vietnam War. As the United States saw no end to the war with withdraw of US troops from Vietnam allowed the communist party to come to full power in the
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