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Vietnam, one of the countries in Southern Asia. Vietnam is the most popular in this period. By Vietnam is a developing country and the tourism, culture, lifestyle and economy has attracted people in many countries. From I went traveled in Hanoi the capital of Vietnam. I felt that Vietnam was interesting country, variety of cultures and also very busy country. The chaos was obvious from traffic jam problem and many cars. Vietnam’s lifestyle is hastened by the Vietnamese who are diligent in making money. But what I am most surprised Vietnam has a lot of backwardness as well as buildings or busy traffic in the capital when compared with many country in Southern Asia. From this point of view, I am interested in knowing why Vietnam was slowly…show more content…
After independence from China, Vietnam separation into 2 parts were Northern Vietnam and Southern Vietnam in the 15th century. After that in 19th century Vietnam colonized by French. In World wars II Vietnam under domination of Japan. After world wars II, Vietnam was independence of Japan, and in 1945-1954 were the battle of Viet Minh against French colonists. In 1957-1975 were Vietnam wars. After Vietnam wars in 2, July 1976, North and South Vietnam were merged to the socialist Republic of Vietnam. After Vietnam declared independence in 1976, For 41 years Vietnam has developed rapidly in many areas. This is an important factor that has made Vietnam become the fifth largest foreign investment attraction in the world and attracted many countries from rapid changes. It starts with the social transformation of the Vietnamese people first. From the past to the present, we can see that Vietnam is developing better society. From the former Vietnamese people use simple. But with the changing society, the people are getting more educated and get culture from many countries make Vietnam change in society. By starts from a change of mind, such as in the past Vietnamese people were farmers. When the society changes, the ideas of the new generation…show more content…
And if can develop skills of labors, it can help the economy of the country better. Therefore, Vietnam has developed a system of education in the country. In response to the economic development of the country. So there were many skilled labors, it will good affect for the economy of country. And if there are labors for demand of labor market, it will make the investors to invest in Vietnam. The Economy of Vietnam The economy of Vietnam is the 47th-largest economy in the world measured by nominal gross domestic product (GDP) and 35th-largest in the world measured by purchasing power parity (PPP). The country is a member of APEC, ASEAN and the WTO. Since the mid-1980s, through the Doi Moi reform period, Vietnam has made a shift from a highly centralized planned economy to a mixed economy that uses both directive and indicative planning through five-year plans. Over that period, the economy has experienced rapid growth. In the twenty-first century, Vietnam is in a period of being integrated into the global economy. Almost all Vietnamese enterprises are small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Vietnam has become a leading agricultural exporter and served as an attractive destination for foreign investment in Southeast Asia. In a similar fashion to other Communist countries after the end of the Cold War, the planned economy of Vietnam lost the momentum for productivity and sustainable growth. In 2004-2013 were growing

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